Farming practices 


As regenerative farmers we do not till or dig our soil.

We build soil on top of the existing ground using organic matter.

 This way of farming protects our top soil and the soil biology. It also replenishes the soil with nutrients, this means we don't need to add large amounts of fertisliser.

Our soil and water has been tested and meets the requirements for organic certification. However, we are not certified organic as the cost of certification is too much for our Little Farm.


Rest assured we hold ourselves to the strictest organic principles and believe we are beyond organic.

The best certification is being fully transparent. Therefore, we welcome any questions and are always happy to show you the farm in person.


You are welcome to return your box and any packaging to us.


We will reuse the boxes where possible, and compost the boxes and packaging that are at the end of their life. 

If you pick up your box then please return your box to the Solway Farmers market. If you receive your box by delivery, please leave your old box on your doorstep on Friday for collection.


If you have vegetable waste from your week, you can return it to us in the compostable salad bag in your box. We will then compost it for you.